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The Berlin Art Hotel would like to extend a special service to you. We are offering guided tours of the historic city of Gyumri. Gyumri is a city with a history that spans 3 millenium. Originally named Kyumari, this small trade center grew into one of the largest in Armenia, boasting over 100 trades and 34 active unions at the end of the 19th century. In recent history it has been called Gyumri, Alexandrapole, and Leninakan. The geographic location of Gyumri (and Armenia in general) has led to a unique mixture of cultures and ideas. Read below for more information on the different tours the Berlin Art Hotel provides.

Cultural Art Tour
Nude #25 2009 (Bronze)

Because of its location along trade routes from Europe to Asia the city of Gyumri has historically been a center for art development and the exchange of ideas and techniques. The Cultural Art Tour showcases traditional Armenian art as well as the work of contemporary artists. Participants can visit the studios of Gyumri's prominent internationally-recognized artists.


Guests on this historical tour of Gyumri will visit museums, galleries, and the homes of famous Armenian writers and actors. Participants will be able to walk through districts of the city which have been preserved since the 19th century. There is a wealth of interesting historical information available as you see the sights.

Gourmet Tour - Taste of Gyumri

This tour focuses on the cuisine Gyumri has to offer. You may like to try traditional Armenian foods, the best grilled fish can be found at 'Cherkezi Dzor', or you may choose from one of the many restaraunts in Gyumri.

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